ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants)

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ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) is one of the world’s largest professional body in accounting with more than 147,000 members in 170 countries worldwide.

Who is it intended for?

Our ACCA training courses are intended for everyone who would like to have an ACCA diploma and need a professional training staff and high quality training material, which can guarantee a successful exam for them.
We provide comprehensive services in connection with the training including participant registration and the related documentations as well as the regular central data supply to the HR/L&D departments of the companies.


The purpose of the ACCA training is to transfer the theoretical and practical knowledge, which are relevant to passing the ACCA exam, to the participants. As ACCA exams are sat in English all topics included in a certain module will be lectured in English, which facilitates a more successful passing rate of the participants.

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Our tutors

Zoltán Bozsó: F3, F4, F9, P2
Zoltan has over 7 years of teaching experience with ACCA and various accountancy and finance courses. Before he started tutoring, he spent many years in various finance positions in the corporate sector. He is a member of ACCA.

Laura Ipacs: F2, F3, P1
Since 2003, Laura has been teaching many different ACCA, CIMA and ICAEW exam courses for ATC and BPP in Hungary and Europe. She has been leading external courses on Financial Accounting, Performance Management, Business Strategy, Audit and Investments and teaching MBA and undergraduate Executive Accounting and Finance courses for major clients.

Emőke Szántó-Kapornay: F3, F7, DipIFR
Emőke has practical knowledge and experience mainly in the financial sector. She is expert in the field of financial instruments, since during her work experience she performed several IFRS and Hungarian audit for her banks, leasing companies and investment funds Clients. Emőke is having significant trainer experience as well; she is regularly tutoring in IFRS, Hungarian accounting and audit methodology trainings. She is teaching more subjects in ACCA Qualification and she is also leading tutor in ACCA DipIFR training.

Gábor Halmosi: F2, F5, DipIFR
Gábor has practical knowledge and experience mainly in the production industry and trade sector but his experience covers the energy sector too. During his work he performed several Hungarian, IFRS and US GAAP audit for his clients. In addition, Gábor has wide-ranging experience as lecturer. He regularly holds courses in accounting and audit methodology and he has significant experience in teaching mathematical statistics, for example, at the University of Szeged.

Radka Nedvědová (Head Tutor of P1, P3): P7
Prior to joining the ACCA tutors team, Radka worked as an Audit Manager in PwC – Ostrava office, focusing on clients in the automotive and utilities sectors. She has been tailoring and leading courses on audit methodology and also ACCA examination courses (papers F1, P1, P3, P7).

Steve Willis (Head Tutor of F2, F3, F5, F9): F5
Steve has been training ACCA students across Asia and Europe for almost 10 years. Originally from New York, Steve is now based in Eastern Europe and holds both ACCA and Microsoft qualifications

Michaela Plucarová (Head Tutor of F8): F8
Prior to joining the ACCA tutors team, Michaela worked as an Audit Manager, focusing on clients in the automotive and utilities sectors. She has been leading courses on audit methodology and now mainly focuses on Audit exam papers F8 and P7.

Robert (Bob) Souster: F4
Bob is a partner in Spruce Lodge Training, an education consultancy based in Northampton, UK.  He has worked extensively on ACCA and CIMA courses all over Europe and Asia.  He has been an examiner for several professional bodies, mainly on law and management subjects.  Prior to setting up his consultancy, Bob was a Divisional Manager with an Irish banking institution.  He has a degree in economics and is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Bankers in Scotland, with a designation of Chartered Banker. Bob has written several textbooks on law and compliance subjects.

Mike Turner: F7
Mike Turner is a specialist in IFRS, US GAAP and IPSAS having a long history of delivering tailor-made training solutions around the world for more than a decade. Prior to this, Mike was the founder of BPP Romania, and has delivered ACCA courses for 13 years.

Colin Garvie: P5
Colin has over 20 years teaching experience with ACCA in the UK, Eastern Europe, Hong Kong and China.  He operates his own consultancy business and is a non-exec director of a number of companies.  Colin qualified as a CA in 1983 with the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland.


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