eLearning courses

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Why choose PwC's Academy eLearning course?

Fast, easy and flexible access from the comfort of your home or your favourite coffee shop:

  • Interactive, focused educational material with practical exercises prepared by experts with extensive experience
  • Instruction delivered to clients through Learning Management Systems (LMS), set up and managed by PwC's Academy
  • Company-specific (tailor-made) eLearning solutions also available

Choose the field in which you would like to develop!

We share our knowledge in the following training areas:

Finance and accounting

Are you looking for training that will bring you understanding of accounting standards required for your work? Do you want competitive – perhaps even international – knowledge in this area? Our financial and accounting eLearning trainings are where you can find this.

Tax and legal

Learn more about Hungarian tax and legal updates and changes.through participation in our Tax and Legal seminars, where PwC experts provide the latest knowledge.

Internal audit and controlling

The PwC's Academy instructors' many years of experience will help you find  your way in the world of internal audit.

Human resources

The field of human resources has increasingly become a strategic function in the life of a corporation. PwC's Academy will give you guidance in the complexities of human resources through interactive eLearning trainings.