Why choose us?

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We build trust. We believe that trust-based relationships are key to success in business. Therefore, our goal for the last two decades has been not only to assist our clients – whether they are multinational corporations or Hungarian privately owned businesses – as advisors, but also to become their long-term trusted partners in everyday decision-making.

We create value. We know that value is defined by our clients, not by us. That is why we strive to not only offer services, but to create solutions tailored to our clients’ specific needs. Our global professional network and decades of expertise also guarantee that we always choose the best solution for you.

We work as one team. Just as with our clients, we aim to foster honest dialogue and build long-term relationships between our employees. They turn to each other with the same trust as our clients turn to us. We can count on each other, just as you can count on us.

We shape our environment, rather than adapting to it. Our opinion is equally important in the business world as it is for our clients. As a leading audit and advisory firm, it is of special importance for us that we not only react to the events that take place around us, but take an active role and become opinion leaders in the Hungarian business community.

We listen to you. There is only one thing that is more important than our opinion, and that is our clients’ opinion. We listen to and follow the issues and challenges our stakeholders and other economic operators face in their day-to-day operation. This is essential for finding real solutions and building the value you are looking for.

We are proud of what we represent. Through our work, we make companies and, in the long run, the whole business environment more transparent. It is important for us both as opinion leaders and advisors that we assist in the development of ethical and sustainable business models.

We have grown to become a leading audit and advisory firm, because we have been gathering experience from all over the world ever since our establishment in 1854. We combine this knowledge with local expertise to deliver the best services to our clients. We are especially proud of such joint achievements.