Medical cost trend: Behind the numbers 2017

    2017 will be a year of equilibrium for medical costs. Forces that increase health costs are tempered by demand for value in the New Health Economy. PwC’s HRI projects a 6.5% growth rate for medical costs for 2017, the same as the current year.

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    Population health: Scaling up

    Healthcare organizations with evidence that their population health programs are working well on a large scale are more likely to be rewarded in value-based deals.

    Read about the keys to scaling population health.

    Vital signs: What to consider before launching a provider-sponsored health plan in the New Health Economy

    Half of US health systems are contemplating owning a health plan. What should they consider?

    Read more about provider-sponsored health plans.

    The pharmacy of the future: Hub of personalized health

    Retail pharmacies face shrinking margins in their core business and tougher competition in a shifting health industry. Yet these companies have the opportunity to redefine themselves as central players – and critical partners – in the New Health Economy.

    Read more on pharmacy of the future.

    Third party drug assessors: Influential new voices in the value debate

    Five independent groups have developed frameworks to assess the value of prescription drugs. The assessment results are filtering into business and clinical practices in the New Health Economy.

    Read more on third party drug assessors. 

    Major shift ahead in how FDA regulates drug quality

    Parts of the pharmaceutical industry continue to struggle with drug quality. A major shift in the way the FDA oversees drug quality could pose new challenges for companies with inadequate control over their manufacturing facilities and supply chains.

    Read more on the FDA’s changing regulation of drug quality.

    Three years in, the ACA marketplace shows modest premium growth, fewer plan options and continued competition

    Carriers are refining their product offerings as they become more knowledgeable about who they are insuring and how to navigate a more tightly regulated market. With real money left to capture, there is still opportunity for insurers to enter the market or expand their footprints.

    Explore HRI’s analysis of the ACA marketplace three years in.

    Top health industry issues of 2016: Thriving in a New Health Economy

    2016 will be a year of firsts for healthcare consumers, organizations and new entrants as innovative tools and services enter the New Health Economy. HRI’s annual Top health industry issues report highlights the forces that are expected to have the most impact on the industry in the coming year, with a glance back at key trends from the past decade.

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    Primary care: Poised for a makeover in the New Health Economy

    Forecasts of physician shortages are based on outdated care delivery models. In the New Health Economy, with purchasers demanding greater value, do-it-yourself consumers and integrated care teams armed with a black bag of virtual tools are poised to reinvent primary care and close the gap.

    Visit HRI's future of primary care website to learn more.

    Healthcare's Alternative Payment Landscape

    As public and private insurers move away from traditional fee-for-service payments, healthcare organizations are struggling to make the leap. Market share, regional characteristics and an organization's mission and culture all play a role.

    How and when to make the leap?

    21st Century Pharmaceutical Collaboration:
    The Value Convergence

    New collaborations pairing drug makers with insurers, health systems, patient groups and technology firms are reconfiguring drug R&D and commercialization. Shared data is shaping drug development and demonstrating health outcomes to create value for patients and industry.

    21st Century Pharmaceutical Collaboration: The Value Convergence.

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    Healthcare's new entrants:
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