Thought leadership

XBRL reporting risk and the role of internal audit

Companies that have been submitting XBRL reports are no longer covered by the SEC's modified liability provisions for XBRL reporting. This paper reviews the risks when implementing XBRL and suggests how internal audit functions can help their organizations address reporting risks and improve supporting processes.

Disclosure Management: Streamlining the Last Mile

Current manual report assembly and review processes can be enhanced through effective implementation of Disclosure Management applications where companies can fully benefit through a clear understanding of common reporting process enhancements.

Benefits of comprehensive integrated reporting

Integrated reporting and information standardization offers financial executives and their stakeholders the ability to obtain incremental insights and process enhancements. Realizing these benefits is an opportunity for financial executives to enhance their corporate and personal value propositions.

Architecting for unpredictability: Interactive Data

Interactive data simply means making data available in a standard, consumable way for others to use. Interactive data enables transparency by making data that can be shared, often free of charge, and has few restrictions on its use. It is a consumer driven rather than system driven way to manage and use data. This increases the breadth, depth and timeliness of information available for managers, and does so in a cost effective manner.