Global initiatives: Sweden - Women to the Top (W2T)

Setting targets to make and measure progress

Öhrlings PwC was an inaugural member of the European Commission's Women to the Top (W2T) project which ran between 2003 and 2005 and involved companies based in Sweden, Estonia, Denmark and Greece. W2T was established to create a platform for the long-term, sustainable goal of bringing more women into management, and to speed up progress in this area.

PwC's W2T representative is Catharina Johansson Söderström, who comments that "the project has achieved our aim of participation – we have accelerated and structured the process of change towards equality, and helped to improve our women’s career opportunities."

It is often observed that "what gets measured gets done." This is evident in PwC Sweden, where part of the structuring process has involved the setting of clear and concrete targets which are designed to focus and support progress in the field of gender diversity.

For 2008 and beyond, the firm's targets include:
  • The proportion of female Partners is to be at least 20%
  • At least one woman is to be included in the territory leadership team. This target was achieved when Catarina Ericsson was appointed as service line leader for assurance in July 2007.
  • Continuing to recruit equal numbers of male and female graduates in order to support the future talent pipeline
  • Continuing to retain equal numbers of male and female qualified staff in every grade.
Lisa Karthäuser, a key member of the human resources department, concludes by attributing a large part of PwC Sweden's success to date to having measurable goals.

"It has been one of the things that has put most pressure on the management to work with diversity on a strategic level. We definitely would not be where we are today had we not participated in the W2T programme."