Global initiatives: Sweden: Women on the Board

The inspirational meeting of minds

The Swedish firm is giving female board members across the country the opportunity to get together and discuss key business issues through its Women on the Board initiative.

Launched in 2004, the initiative came about following intense debate in the media regarding the need to increase female board members in listed companies.

Anna Hesselman, the financial services partner who came up with the idea, says: "We wanted to offer a forum for the discussion and presentation of current issues relevant to board members and leaders. The aim is to increase the representation of women in leading positions in the Swedish business world, whilst profiling PwC as a modern organisation and an attractive employer for both men and women".

Seminars take place twice a year in May and November and attract some 50 top business women from within and outside PwC. The latest seminar in November 2007 was focused on incentive programmes, with past topics ranging from corporate social responsibility to the Swedish corporate governance board and International Financial Reporting Standards.