Role models: Ingrid Melbi

Acknowledging the differences

I joined the Swedish firm in 1998 as a tax lawyer, having commenced my career as a lawyer in the public sector, beginning as a lawyer in the court and working for a number of years in the Ministry of Finance on various pieces of legislation. Joining PwC was a huge change for me after working for so long in the public sector. In 2004, I left to work for the Confederation for Swedish Enterprise, rejoining PwC in 2006. I learned a lot from this experience about asking for what you want. I’ve observed that women aren’t so good at asking, in an explicit way, for what they really want.

Valuing different approaches

I think we need to acknowledge that women and men act differently. We approach challenges and problems differently. It’s easier for men to choose other men to work with on new projects and assignments as they know they respond in a similar way. Women react differently, and we need to learn to value and acknowledge this different approach.

Showing what you can do

My advice to other women is to learn to be more outgoing—ask for what you want. Don’t be reluctant to show what you can do. Your qualifications are—at least—as good as the men’s. Don’t be shy.

For PwC, it’s important that we show that women can be partners and that they can lead; it’s how we attract and retain good female talent.