Inspirational female leaders

At PwC, we are proud to count some of the world’s brightest and most talented women among our female leaders. Here we highlight and celebrate four PwC women who have risen to the top. Together with women in Fiji and the Philippines, they are the heads of PwC firms, responsible for growing our business and leading our people in their countries.

All of them are, in very different ways, pioneers in their field.

Read the following pages to find out how they rose to success and discover fascinating facts about their firms, their countries and women in the workplace. We hope their stories will inspire women at PwC and beyond to make their own personal journey to leadership.

Irina Tsvetkova
Irina Tsvetkova
Focusing on professionalism
rather than gender
Cansen Basaran Symes
Cansen Basaran Symes
Early exposure to
new experiences