Project Portfolio Optimisation

Deploy capital and value projects more efficiently

Project Portfolio Optimisation (PPO) uses state-of-the-art tools and methodologies to quantify the potential cost, benefits and risk/return of the projects you are considering or have underway. The result is a systematic way of analysing and defending capital budgeting and project selection decisions while improving capital efficiency.

PPO begins with creating a template specific to your organisation's priorities, idiosyncrasies and data availability that will help quantify a project’s value and ROI. Relevant resource constraints will be taken into account as part of the process. In the end, a sophisticated project valuation and portfolio prioritisation system delivers a new level of insights.

Leadership – or your portfolio management office – will have access to a suite of information to help guide, value and defend capital budgeting decisions. PPO helps improve your organisation's project portfolio management and project ranking while increasing capital efficiency.

PPO Dashboard: Click a diagram below to see how PPO can improve your capital allocation and project valuation decisions.

Selected PPO applications

Project Portfolio Optimisation can help improve critical decision-making across a broad range of situations. Listed below are some of the advantages that PPO can provide in managing selected types of portfolios:

How PwC can help

PwC's Project Portfolio Optimisation team (formerly Folio Technologies) has over 12 years of experience helping clients to prioritise their capital projects. We can design a customised approach to help solve your organisation's project portfolio management challenges. Our tools and approach help you optimise your project portfolio management (PPM) and communicate its multi-criteria impact on the organisation.

PwC uses proven methods and a powerful project portfolio optimisation software called Folio Priority System. Our PPM software incorporates your organisation's know-how, metrics, and idiosyncrasies to create a customised valuation model. Portfolio dashboards (see sample illustrations above) provide senior management with a bird's-eye view into critical measures to help steer corporate strategy and keep a real-time pulse on value creation. The result is a better way to manage competing priorities while supporting growth and quantifying risk.

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