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Operation and maintenance

The work doesn’t end once a renewable project is up and running. Doing a good operations and maintenance job and responding quickly to the changing environment can make the difference between a mediocre investment and a great one. You’ll need to understand and comply with complex regulatory and government arrangements, some of which may be changing. Shifts in regulation around renewable energy can affect profitability and accounting treatments. And you also need to monitor how contracts are working. For example, it’s important to make sure that offtake arrangements are stable.

How PwC can help:

Audit and assurance

We’ll help you get more value out of your statutory audit. Our industry specialists provide cost-effective and risk-considered services to the renewable and electricity transmission industries, including companies up and down the value chain.

Improving operations

Finding ways to increase productivity and take cost out of operations is key to commercial success. We bring together capabilities in process improvement and finance effectiveness to help you optimise your operating processes and supply chain. Our experts – many with renewable energy experience – help you transform your important value chain functions, from customer management through to sourcing of services and goods.

Maximising asset performance and reliability

Are the methods used to optimise the plant’s performance and reliability the best they can be? Developing a reliability repository for the design is an important step. We can help companies develop and use reliability centred maintenance (RCM) analysis to rigorously assess all facets of plant reliability. We can also advise on a range of performance improvement techniques to help you get the best operational performance from your asset.

Sustainability, social responsibility and non-financial reporting

In the future, reporting performance will be as much about the overall sustainability of delivering the strategy of the business as financial numbers. We can help you refine and expand your reporting approach to include important non-financial metrics. Reporting material issues in an integrated way can help show the value added to your business and deepen credibility with stakeholders.


Do you understand your total tax contribution? Is your tax function as effective as it can be? We offer a wide range of tax services including compliance, planning and tax strategy, insights into the availability of tax incentives, the relative value of various tax incentive options, and the ongoing changes and developments in legislation and energy tax .

Managing risk and regulation

We support our clients in identifying, understanding and managing risk and help ensure an appropriate balance between risks and opportunities. We also assist businesses in designing and implementing governance and compliance programmes to ensure that companies continue to operate within the boundaries of relevant legislation and regulations. This includes building a culture of doing the right thing.

Further services:

  • Assurance and audit, accounting structuring
  • Tax compliance and tax function effectiveness
  • Competitor analysis
  • Enterprise asset management
  • Organisation design
  • Performance management
  • Supply chain improvement
  • Reliability-centred maintenance (RCM) design and implementation.
  • Materials management systems design