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Commissioning a solar plant, windfarm, or other renewable generation project involves a massive transfer of knowledge, information and data from the builder to the owner and operator. Risks are high during this phase of a plant’s lifecycle, when costly delays are more likely. So it’s important to analyse and manage them with comprehensive governance structures and robust control environments.

How PwC can help:

Governance and control

We support the engineering and construction phase of renewable generation projects with comprehensive governance structures and control environments, leveraging new quantitative risk analysis tools that are being used at construction sites to help owners and contractors foresee and manage risks.

Doing projects right

Are you getting value for money? PwC has extensive experience in monitoring complex capital projects and can help make sure that project control processes are managed effectively. That can include implementing budgeting and forecasting processes, project cost and schedule systems, reporting procedures and open book contract control. We also believe it’s important to monitor the performance of contractors (and in some cases, subcontractors).

Getting projects back on track

For projects in distress, the focus needs to shift from normal operation to recovery. We can identify issues early through review and health checks and then assess and select corrective options. Our team understands the steps that need to be taken to recover projects quickly and effectively. Where appropriate, we can help you renegotiate commercial terms. We are on hand if you are facing a restructuring, contract re-let and negotiation, transfer or disposal situation and can advise on the best course of action to take. And if a dispute is unavoidable, we’re by your side with practical support, for example in the mediation process or as an expert witness.

Health and safety

All construction comes with some risks to workers. But some types of renewable projects, like offshore windfarms, are especially challenging. Their massive scale can lead to serious accidents, far from standard medical care. So just complying with health and safety regulations isn’t enough; you need to take a pro-active approach. We’ve provided oversight of health and safety at a number of major construction sites and can help you devise a strategy to make your project as safe as possible. Our specialist team can also advise on managing compliance with health and safety regulations and related risks.

Further services:

  • Programme and performance management
  • Project assurance
  • Health and safety audit
  • Supply chain analysis
  • Operator, consortium models
  • Corporate reporting and measurement
  • Tax compliance
  • Stakeholder management
  • Dispute resolution