Security of supply

Ensuring the supply of energy worldwide is a key challenge for utility companies nowadays. In many developing economies, for instance, water-dependent and power-hungry economic growth is placing an immense strain on the infrastructure of these nascent markets. In developed economies, too, the availability of fuel sources, complex geopolitical factors, and environmental concerns are compelling a large number of companies to diversify their fuel mix to include a greater amount from renewable resources. Add to the fact that supply lines are becoming increasingly stretched and uncertain, and it is easy to see why clean coal technologies and liquefied natural gas (LNG)—made possible by new technological advances—are playing an increasingly significant role. Likewise, nuclear power is once again about to assume an important place in the energy policies of many countries. However, companies in both developed and developing countries face complex situations: Short term, the volatility of fuel prices can render companies vulnerable; long term, critical investment decisions have to be made now, despite an uncertain regulatory environment and unpredictable prices .

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