Responding to climate change: Challenges and solutions on the road ahead

Companies deal with uncertainty the whole time. Managing risk is the stuff of business. Indeed, the only certain thing in business is you have to manage uncertainty.

Climate change exemplifies this conundrum. In many respects, the regulatory, market and technological environment for companies to plan their climate change responses is uncertain. In other respects, there are clear signals, not least with regard to the overall direction of travel towards cleaner energy and the imperatives of many national policy requirements. What we do know is that waiting for greater clarity from our politicians and policymakers will only mean letting your competitors get ahead of you, if they are not already.

Companies in the energy, utilities and mining industries are on the front-line of climate change challenges. They need to navigate rapidly changing regulation and reporting regimes, markets and technologies that are still in evolution, fluctuating carbon prices and all the other risks that come from a transition to a low carbon economy and a warming planet. But this road also brings new opportunities and new markets for companies in these sectors.

This publication shows how PwC can assist in the areas of strategy, risk, regulation and reporting to optimise operations and deliver leading practice. Our goal is to help companies deliver on their climate change ambitions in a way that brings maximum value and competitive advantage.