Technology executive connections: Previous issues

Vol. 6Managing the risks and rewards of collaboration

External collaboration in our increasingly complex and interconnected world can be a silver bullet. In this volume, we showcase strategies to succeed and discuss how to avoid roadblocks.


Vol. 5Going green: Sustainable growth strategies

Read how the world’s accelerating concern over climate change is affecting the technology industries as well as their plans to meet the growing clamour for environmentally friendly products and services.


Vol. 4Exploiting intellectual property

This issue reveals that IP is a core strategic asset for technology companies and how the focus is shifting away from considering it as a mere legal issue (protection and litigation) towards managing and enhancing its value.


Vol. 3Successful strategies for talent management

Stock option offerings are more limited today and at the same time companies are looking at other HR strategies—including offshoring and outsourcing. This report discusses specific strategies that leading companies today are developing to grow tomorrow’s workforce.


Vol. 2Shaping digital convergence

There's no doubt that convergence is causing great change—partnerships, alliances, and M&A deals are all on the rise. But is convergence really the driver?


Vol. 1Embracing change in the technology industries

Change in the technology industries appears never ending. Yet evidence from 13 in-depth interviews and an online survey of 126 executives in the technology industries worldwide shows that the industry believes it is learning how to adapt, survive and thrive amid great change.