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The enterprise mobility management (EMM) software market is in the midst of rapid change and consolidation as customer needs have shifted from device management to a broader set of requirements around application security and data protection. The EMM market has evolved to include a collection of technologies that span the functional areas of endpoint management, policy management, identity, network security, data protection and management, application security, and application life-cycle management. To meet changing demands software companies are continually adjusting and expanding their product suites to take advantage of the market opportunity. Since mobile software is not yet mature, it’s a great time for small software companies to unseat their more established competitors.1

Banking and securities companies in the Middle East and North Africa are playing a larger role in the growth of the software industry and are on pace to spend approximately US$13.1bn on IT products and services in 2014, an increase of 2% over 2013 revenue of nearly US$12.8bn. This forecast includes spending by banking organizations on IT services, software, data center technologies, devices and telecom services. Software and IT services are the fastest growing segments in the region with 10% and 8% increases in 2014, due largely to the expansion strategies of banks across the region and to back-office modernization and replacement projects that require more consulting and system integration.2

SAP is changing its business model to cloud based services. As a leading ERP provider, SAP is growing its business by cross-selling its products on IBM’s cloud platform to existing customers. With cloud-based software technology, SAP’s revenue will depend less on licensing fees and spread more evenly across the year. In addition, SAP recently announced that it will be acquiring Concur Technologies for US$8.3bn, its largest acquisition ever. Concur is a provider of cloud-based software for travel and expense management. Furthermore, SAP is partnering with IBM in a cloud infrastructure deal. SAP’s HANA Enterprise Cloud will now be available on IBM's cloud data centers across the world, leading to a faster roll-out.

VMware acquired MomentumSI, a professional services firm focused on public cloud migrations, OpenStack and rapid software development. MomentumSI has deep expertise in moving customers' on-premise computing to VMware-based public clouds, as well as, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and the Google Cloud Platform. VMware is integrating the MomentumSI team into its professional services organization, where it will help customers deploy hybrid clouds.

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