Global Technology Scorecard: Q1 2014


What trends did we see in Q1 2014?

Though performance was mixed, the overall stability of the global equity markets led to the top 25 global technology businesses' average enterprise-value-to-EBITDA multiples remaining constant at 10.0X
Full-year outlook remains positive as economic sentiment in the US continues to rise, but uncertainty remains abroad in both the Eurozone and China.
Software witnessed average growth of 4% year over year, while hardware experienced the greatest disruption with global PC shipments declining 1.7%.
In 2013, nine of the ten biggest web properties by traffic were owned by US companies. In the first few months of 2014, that fell to six.
Continuing the momentum from Q4'13, 26 technology companies went public and raised US$6.8bn in Q1'14.
In the US, 57 technology M&A deals closed in the first quarter, up 36% year over year, for a total value of US$22.6bn, up by 113%.


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