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Market analysis

The Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) and Original Design Manufacturers (ODM) market, valued at about US$363.8bn in 2013, is experiencing negative growth due to continued decline in laptop shipments. Expectations are for a 2% drop in 2014 with a possible rebound of 1.5% to US$367.6bn in 2015. In the global EMS and ODM industry, there are about 300-350 companies, but the top eight enterprises control 81% market share. Accordingly, it is difficult for medium-sized enterprises to see growth.1

Flextronics’ net sales were US$6.6bn in Q2’14, an increase of approximately US$0.8bn or 14.7% from US$5.8bn in Q2’13. Revenue increased across all of its business groups, except for Integrated Network Solutions. Revenue from the Consumer Technology Group and Industrial & Emerging Industries business groups increased by US$0.6bn and US$0.2bn, respectively. The increased revenue from the Consumer Technology Group is a result of the acquisition of certain manufacturing operations from Google’s Motorola Mobility LLC during the first quarter of fiscal 2014 and the business ramping up during the mid to latter part of fiscal 2014. The increase in revenue from the Industrial & Emerging Industries business group is attributable to an increase across product categories, most notably in semiconductor capital equipment and household appliances businesses versus the prior year period.

The 5.8% increase in Ingram Micro’s consolidated net sales for Q2’14, compared to Q2’13, reflected strong growth in North America, Europe and Latin America, which more than offset the decline in Asia-Pacific. Lower mobility business handset sales into Indonesia impacted the Asia-Pacific results. During Q2’14, Ingram Micro incurred net reorganization costs of US$23.51mn, related to employee termination benefits as the company adjusted its cost structure to align with its global organizational effectiveness program. Also included was a write-off of US$7.53mn for a previously acquired trade name. The company also incurred higher interest expense as a result of higher average debt levels in countries where the company is experiencing strong growth and interest rates are higher, as well as higher costs for discounting programs.

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