Tax function effectiveness

Is your tax function running on all cylinders?
A high-performing tax department is critical to advancing your business interests and decreasing risk. Learn more.

PwC’s tax function effectiveness service can help you improve the performance of your tax planning, tax accounting, financial reporting, tax controversy and compliance functions.

If you’re a tax director, you’re likely under pressure to do more with existing resources. But doing more doesn’t just mean adding responsibilities. It also means addressing the performance of your overall tax function, so that it can be finely tuned with your overall business strategy.

Therein lies both a need and an opportunity. While doing so will certainly uncover challenges, scrutinising your tax function for internal control deficiencies, financial restatements, inefficient processes and outdated technology can also create a catalyst for action — and results.

Improving performance, adding value

PwC’s tax function effectiveness service is a flexible yet robust solution that can help you improve the performance of your tax planning, accounting, compliance, controversy, and financial reporting functions.

The process is comprehensive. It includes a thorough review of your tax function’s strategy, technology, processes, internal controls, organisational design, documentation, and more.

The benefits of our service include:

  • more effective tax leadership
  • a stronger focus on strategic objectives
  • improved processes, controls and documentation
  • greater collaboration across tax and with finance and business units
  • improved data quality, automation and efficiency
  • enhanced ability to attract and retain talent

A more effective tax function

A high-performing tax department is one that adds value across your organisation. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you optimise this critical function.

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