Research and Development Tax Incentives around the World

Global R&D Tax News ()


Keeping up with the constant flow of developments surrounding R&D tax incentives worldwide can be a real challenge for multinational companies. As a result, PwC’s Global R&D Incentives Group is excited to bring you a new publication that will offer in-depth analysis of R&D tax regime changes around the world. The Global R&D Incentives Group is made of up of R&D specialists from over 25 countries who collaborate to assist clients in examining their global R&D outlay in order to augment their return on investments.

In this issue, we start with an outline of considerations for businesses taking advantage of R&D tax incentives in multiple jurisdictions. PwC’s Belgium team lists the major categories of incentives in its “toolbox” of considerations based on spending, assets, and income. The first issue of our Tax News also highlights R&D tax developments in six countries: Australia, Canada, France, Ireland, United Kingdom, and the United States.