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European Union direct tax law is generally understood as including the EC Treaty fundamental freedoms, the EU Directives and the EU's State aid rules related to direct taxation. EU direct tax law is a fast developing area. This presents taxpayers, in particular groups and multinational corporations that have an EU or European Economic Area (EEA) presence, with various opportunities.

How we can help you

Through the EUDTG's Technical Committee, which analyses and formulates PwC's view on relevant EU case law, the EUDTG is playing a leading role in actively developing new original and cutting-edge EU Law arguments and solutions that help our clients in the best way possible.

Our EUDTG experts are closely working together with PwC Financial Services and Real Estate colleagues combining EU Law technical skills with specific industry knowledge. Other important, more 'horizontal" client-facing EUDTG expert Working Groups have been formed around EU State aid and the CCCTB.

The EUDTG is also closely monitoring EU direct tax policy and political developments in Brussels and has regular contacts with key EU and OECD policy-makers through its EUDTG EU Public Affairs capability in Brussels and the PwC-facilitated "EBIT" business initiative.

Many of our EUDTG professionals are also university professors and lecturers who regularly author and co-author books and articles on international taxation. The EUDTG is coordinated centrally by its Secretariat based in The Netherlands, which also operates a daily EU tax news service for our clients.

The EUDTG was established in 2005 and is embedded in PwC’s International Tax Services network.

Examples of EUDTG client experience include:
Devising and implementing an EU tax strategy to substantially lower the effective tax rate of multinational groups.
Supporting our clients with EU Law based litigation before national Courts and Tribunals in Europe, as well as before the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg. Spotting EU Law breaches in domestic tax legislations of EU or EEA countries, and assisting our clients with identifying, filing and claiming refunds based on EU Law.

EUDTG newsalerts

Our newsalerts are designed to keep you up to date on landmark ECJ judgments and opinions, as well as EU and national developments in Europe in the field of direct taxation and state aid.

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EUDTG newsflashes

Our ad-hoc newsflashes cover all the other ECJ judgments and opinions, as well as EU and national developments in Europe in the field of direct taxation and state aid, not covered in the Newsalerts.

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