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Are you ready to talk EU tax law? If you are, we are!

EUDTG is PwC’s pan-European network of EU law experts. We specialise in all areas of direct tax: the fundamental freedoms, EU directives, State aid rules, and all the rest. You will be only too well aware that EU direct tax law is moving quickly, and it’s difficult to keep up. But, this provides plenty of opportunities to taxpayers with an EU or EEA presence.

How can we help you?

  • Through our EUDTG Technical Committee, we play a leading role in developing new and innovative EU law positions and solutions for practical application by clients.
  • Our experts combine their skills in EU law with specific industry knowledge by working closely with colleagues in the Financial Services and Real Estate sectors.
  • We have set up client-facing expert working groups to address specific hot topics such as State aid, the C(C)CTB and BEPS.
  • We closely monitor direct tax policy-making and political developments in Brussels.
  • We input to the debate by maintaining regular contact with key EU and OECD policy-makers through our EU Public Affairs capability and PwC-facilitated “EBIT” business initiative ( in Brussels.
  • Our secretariat in the Netherlands operates a daily EU tax news service, keeping clients up to date with developments as soon as they happen.

What specific experience can we offer you?

  • Together with our Financial Services colleagues, we have assisted foreign pension funds, insurance companies and investment funds with their dividend withholding tax refund claims.
  • We have assisted clients before the CJEU and the EFTA Court in a number of high-profile cases such as Marks & Spencer (C-446/03), Aberdeen (C-303/07), X Holding BV (C-337/08), Gielen (C-440/08), X NV (C-498/10), A Oy (C-123/11) and Arcade Drilling (E-15/11).
  • We have carried out a number of tax research studies for the European Commission.