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In an increasingly complex world, new regulations bring new costs — and new risks.
Control, compliance, coordination and quality.
That’s PwC.

PwC’s global network of local compliance teams can help you coordinate subsidiaries with diverse accounting practices, legislative environments and business customs. Seamlessly and cost-effectively.

In matters of tax compliance, new regulatory demands and divergent accounting practices bring new risks. When you multiply these risks by the number of territories you operate in, the complexities — not to mention the costs — of cross-border compliance can become prohibitive.

To realise performance improvements, many multinationals seek to centralise their finance and accounting processes. Yet in doing so they often find themselves squeezed between the increasingly burdensome investment required to ensure the integrity of their compliance processes — and a constantly shifting global regulatory environment. In such circumstances, paradoxically, the risk of compliance failure can grow with the increase of internal investment.

Outsourcing global compliance can not only help you avoid risk and conserve resources, it can enable your over-burdened tax department to focus on higher-value activities.

Bringing best practices and the benefits of scale home to you

PwC’s Global Compliance Services network is well positioned to help. Whether you require direct tax compliance, indirect tax compliance or assistance with tax accounting and reporting, we can give you coordinated control and constant visibility of your compliance, accounting and reporting operations — both globally and at the local-country level.

Our WorldView technology offers you online oversight and access to the information you need in a consistent format, smoothly and cost-effectively. We can also help streamline your data extraction, linking your systems and finance centres with local country compliance processes. And we can help you manage your transition using standardised processes and tools, with central support.

Oversight and insight, wherever you do business

With our global network of local-country compliance service teams, we have the people, processes, technology and tools to stay abreast of the latest legislative and regulatory developments —and help you coordinate your worldwide compliance, cost-effectively.

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