Sustainable water services

Meeting the world’s water challenges

Are you prepared to manage the gap between
limited supply and growing demand?


Clean water is an essential resource to human life. We use it for personal consumption, for agriculture, and for industry. As consumption patterns continue to grow, the demand for clean water and costs for controlling pollution and protecting natural ecosystems increase as well. Current population growth and urbanisation trends mean water is increasingly scarce. At the same time, extreme weather conditions can also cause situations where excess water is a problem.

Managing the implications of “too much, too little, or too dirty” water can be a challenge. Our capability statement covers:

  • Some of the challenges  of effectively managing water resources
  • Our service offerings around the sustainable use and management of water resources
  • Recent case studies where our clients have driven forward their sustainable water strategies
  • Some reports we’ve issued on water-related business issues
  • Our people around the world who you can speak to about these issues

For more details on our service offering, download this PDF

World Water Week

2013 is the UN ‘International Year of Water Cooperation’ and in a globalised world with a population of over 7 billion people we are all dependent on the on the same vulnerable resource, water. Climate change means that severity and frequencies of droughts and floods are increasing globally, and communities, businesses and ecosystems need to have their share from the same limited pool of water.

Our team will be at World Water Week in Stockholm from 1 – 6 September 2013. The theme this year is Water Cooperation – Building Partnerships. With a team of 700 experts globally and experience working with water users, regulatory bodies and the water sector we are well placed to build partnerships to begin to address water issues. To find out more about water week click here

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