Global Sustainability Private Equity Advisor of the Year

Our UK Sustainability and Climate Change (S&CC) team has won ‘Global Sustainability Private Equity Advisor of the Year’ in the Corporate LiveWire* Global Corporate Finance Awards.

The Awards identify the successes of businesses, finance firms and individuals who have led the way in every sector over the past year.

The Corporate LiveWire team chose the winners after analysing deals, quarterly reports and product launches carefully from numerous companies and honoured those who stood out as consistently showing best practice and innovation in their work.

Private Equity Adviser of the Year Award

Our UK S&CC team were chosen because of the work they have been doing in this area. The team comprises a group of specialists focused on the Environmental Social and Governance (ESG), or Responsible Investment, issues faced by our private equity clients. Our private equity sustainability services have been carefully aligned to the sector’s needs, with a ‘modular’ suite of services covering the Private Equity (PE) house itself and whole of the deal cycle.

Phil Case, the UK director who leads the team, was also recognised individually as the Global Sustainability Private Equity Advisor of the Year. Phil said “This is a fantastic recognition of the value the team has added for 14 (and counting) major PE houses worldwide over the last couple of years, in the field of Responsible Investment. I anticipate that such an accolade will leave us in an even better position to win new mandates going forward”.

*Corporate Livewire is an online publisher that provides business professionals and individuals in the corporate finance sector with information on the latest news and developments from around the globe.