What is the Total Tax Contribution framework and what will it tell me?

Tax is an important factor in delivering shareholder value and managing corporate reputation.

Businesses are facing greater pressure from a range of stakeholders to be more transparent about their tax positions. At the same time, the growing international reach of business together with further regulation and competition between countries for business investment means that tax is even more complex and high risk.

Having a clear understanding of your total tax contribution can help your business make informed decisions, demonstrate your wider social and economic impact and better monitor and manage tax risk.

Our Total Tax Contribution framework provides a standardised approach to identify and measure a company’s overall tax contribution. It’s a framework that can be used on a country-by-country, industry and/or global basis.

How can the Total Tax Contribution framework help me?

Our Total Tax Contribution framework can help your company to identify its true tax contribution. We will help you collect data, consider appropriate benchmarks and help you decide how to communicate your total tax contribution to stakeholders.

Using our robust methodology, standardised across industries, we can help you collect this data which can then be used to:

  • Highlight the importance of all taxes as well as corporate income tax
  • Manage tax costs
  • Make strategic decisions
  • Benchmark the business
  • Communicate the Total Tax Contribution of the company internally with departments responsible for areas such as corporate responsibility and also to brief the Board
  • Communicate tax contributions externally in financial statements, corporate responsibility or other reports, PR and marketing campaigns and investor communications
  • Facilitate dialogue with HMRC

We can also benchmark your company against those in your industry sector so that you can better manage and report your tax position.