Tax transparency and country-by-country reporting - An ever changing landscape

In recent years, the global economic climate has put many governments under severe pressure as regards their spending programmes and the need to generate higher tax revenues to help with the reduction of public sector deficits. This pressure has included an increasing focus from investors, civil society organisations, the media and others for companies and individuals to be seen to be making their contribution to the public purse. For some, increased transparency around tax is seen as an essential part of the answer to help deal with these issues.

Since we published our last briefing on tax transparency and country-by-country reporting just over 12 months ago, the introduction of mandatory tax reporting rules has accelerated.

The changes covered in this publication include:

  • Revised guidelines for the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative
  • New EU rules for the banking industry
  • Final EU rules for the extractive and logging industries.

We also consider the legal challenge that has suspended the implementation of the US rules for reporting payments to government. Finally, we look ahead to the discussions in the OECD and the EU on how country-by-country reporting might be developed for all multinational companies.