Paying Taxes 2016

Paying Taxes 2016 is a unique study from PwC and the World Bank Group. The study investigates and compares tax regimes across 189 economies worldwide using a case study company, and ranks them according to the ease of paying taxes. (144 pages)

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  • Foreword
  • Key findings from the Paying Taxes 2016 data
  • What does this publication cover?
  • Chapter 1: World Bank Group commentary

  • Recent developments in the Paying Taxes sub-indicators
  • Chapter 2: PwC commentary

  • The global results
  • Comparing the regions
  • How has the Paying Taxes picture changed over the ten editions?
  • Regional analysis of the sub-indicators
  • In-depth country articles
  • Chapter 3: Tax policy and administration

  • Uncovering the impact of hidden taxes on employment
  • Combatting the shadow economy: a taxpayer-centric approach
  • The relevance and sustainability of co-operative compliance models for tax in African countries
  • Appendix 1

  • Methodology and example calculations for each of the Paying Taxes sub-indicators
  • Appendix 2

  • Economy sub-indicator results by region
  • Appendix 3

  • The data tables