EU Direct Tax Group


EUDTG is PwC’s pan-European network of EU law experts. We specialise in all areas of direct tax: the fundamental freedoms, EU directives, State aid rules, and all the rest. You will be only too well aware that EU direct tax law is moving quickly, and it’s difficult to keep up. But, this provides plenty of opportunities to taxpayers with an EU or EEA presence.

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EUDTG Newsalerts

Our newsalerts are designed to keep you up to date on landmark ECJ judgments and opinions, as well as EU and national developments in Europe in the field of direct taxation and state aid.

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EUDTG bimonthly Newsletter

EU tax news is a free bimonthly newsletter with summaries of all the relevant ECJ and national court cases and decisions, and EU policy initiatives related to EU direct tax law and state aid. The newsletter is prepared by members of PwC's EU direct tax group (EUDTG) from across Europe.

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Meet PwC's State Aid Working Group

It is unlawful in the European Union to provide State Aid to undertakings without prior authorization by the EU Commission. If no such authorization has been granted, the aid may be recovered subject to a time limit of 10 years. Our EU-wide State Aid Working Group helps our clients identify and proactively manage EU State Aid risks.

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