Making the connection

Working towards a thriving society in a thriving environment is in the best interests of business and its success. Understanding the relationship between government, society and business is fundamental.

Thinking about business in a new way

PwC’s Malcolm Preston discusses the relationship between business, society and government, and explores the impacts they have on each other and the dependencies between them. He shows there is a new way to think about business success as it helps drives a thriving society in a thriving environment.


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  • Interconnected: Business in context
  • Is your total impact more than you think?
  • Do you help or hinder government?
  • Who’s top? Your shareholders or your stakeholders?
  • What are you dependent on? And who's counting on you?

Interconnected: Business in context

We're thinking about the context business operates within, exploring the impacts and dependencies - find out more about them by clicking on the icons above.

We all have a basic expectation for clean air and water, safe streets and housing, human rights, job, peace and so on - what we're calling a thriving society in a thriving environment. When it does happen, it’s not by accident. Two key institutions drive it - government (through regulation, tax and policy) and business (through strategy implementation). Both make and implement decisions that can have a real and lasting impact. It's in the best interests of business to be operating in a thriving society in a thriving environment, but to be successful, there are very clear relationships, impacts and dependencies which need to be recognised, valued and managed.

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