Social security

Simplifying compliance and reducing cost
Growing your business often means moving employees between countries – and that means fulfilling local social security obligations. In an environment where regulations change continuously and scrutiny from the authorities is on the rise, it’s becoming harder to get it right.

Our worldwide network of social security experts maintains close links with government authorities to keep you up to date on social security developments and to help you to reduce your risks.

If this is your situation

  • You’re planning to start up operations in a new country
  • You want to minimise the risk associated with constantly changing compliance obligations
  • You want to identify opportunities to reduce labour costs or to increase the net salary in-hand salary when moving employees between countries
  • You need to assess the social security impact of a restructuring within your company (or group of companies)
  • You want to act before new legislation comes into force - rather than in response to it
  • You need to prepare for a social security audit

How we can help

We offer full support for handling your social security compliance worldwide in a coordinated way, provide advice on optimisation, and address related tax and immigration issues. We can help with:

  • advice on social security rates, benefits, pension and retirement (including training of HR staff)
  • advice and compliance support for short and long term employee international assignments, including automated technology systems and integrated tax and immigration advice
  • advice on the social security status of executives and board members on a local basis and the impact of international moves
  • international mobility reviews including personal tax and employment law implications and HR management aspects
  • strategic planning for start-ups
  • proactive updates regarding social security developments, regulatory and process changes

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