Financial and risk management of retirement and other benefit obligations

Your issue:

  • How significant is the size of our retirement obligations relative to the size of our company?
  • What risks do our retirement obligations pose to our balance sheet, P&L, cash flows, dividends, credit rating and ability to conduct desired business activity including transactions? What actions can we take to manage these?
  • What actions do we need to take to identify our risks, and to decide which risks to retain and which to mitigate?
  • Are we managing our retirement plans consistently with our principles for optimal use of cash, capital, budgeting and risk in the wider business?
  • Can we deploy assets or security, other than cash, as part of our funding of retirement obligations?
  • What actions can we take to reduce the size of retirement liabilities? Are there offers we can make to our current and former employees?
  • What is our policy for treatment of retirement obligations when we conduct corporate transactions including deals?

How we can help:

  • Assessment of size of liabilities, assets and risks
  • Identification and implementation of available actions to reduce liabilities, risks, costs and cash demands
  • Funding strategies allowing effective cash flow management, including the use of non-cash funding and security
  • Preparation for and negotiation of pension aspects of transactions including deals
  • Monitoring and reporting of financial and risk status using leading edge technology