Governance of your retirement obligations including decision-making, decision-implementation, compliance and reporting

Your issue:

  • Do we have clarity regarding who is responsible internally for the management of our retirement obligations? What are the relative roles of head office and local management?
  • Are we complying with regulation and where are we exposed to breach of compliance? What processes do we need for decision making and implementation? Do we need to produce and issue guidelines?
  • How do we ensure reporting of our retirement obligations in our balance sheet and P&L accounts is consistent with our global accounting policies and the requirements of the appropriate accounting standards?
  • How do we manage relationships with plan fiduciaries and pension regulators?

How we can help:

  • Governance reviews
  • Compliance reviews
  • Advice on financial reporting covering disclosures in balance sheet, P&L and notes to the accounts
  • Global benefit guideline policy documentation
  • Assistance with managing and engaging stakeholders including plan fiduciaries and pension regulators
  • Advice on effective in-house administration of benefit plans