Switzerland - Social security in Europe - Impact on international mobility cases between CH and EU (Revised)

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The system of the social security within the Europe Union (EU) is currently coordinated by the Regulations (EC) No. 883/2004 and No. 987/2009 (the “New Regulations”). These regulations guarantee that employed, self-employed and non-working persons have no legal social security disadvantages as a result of moving within the European Community.

The Swiss authorities notified the public on February 15, 2012 that Switzerland will implement "new" Regulations (EC) No. 883/2004 and No. 987/2009 effective as of April 1, 2012. Accordingly, this new legislation will govern cross border social security questions arising in mobility cases (effective as of April 1, 2012) between Switzerland and the EU (i.e., this legislation will supersede Regulations (EEC) No. 1408/71 and No. 574/71 (the “Old Regulations”) in new mobility cases after this effective date). Please note that grandfathering provisions may apply to existing mobility situations.