Global Data Collect

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Simplifying the global compensation reporting process

Organizations are becoming increasingly more aware of their responsibility to report accurate and timely compensation for their global international assignee populations. They are placing increasing demands on their HR and payroll systems. The use of Cloud technology, evolving strategic HR applications (e.g. workforce planning), greater automation, more sophisticated workflow technology, greater levels of self-service, e-capabilities and real-time reporting are key to providing and sustaining corporate competitiveness.

With such an emphasis on real-time reporting and data analytics and equally high stakeholder expectations, tracking and reporting compensation across international borders is becoming an increasingly high profile business imperative. However, many organizations’ existing systems and processes for managing compensation are not equipped to cope with the volume and complexity of transactions that may be required to accurately track and report global compensation.

The challenge of global reporting

Global Data Collect (GDC) is an intuitive web application that enables the international offices of your organization to collect and report on your global workforce payment data.

How Global Data Collect (GDC) will bring value to your company

Easy access to high-level and detailed reporting information.

Streamlines and standardizes collection of global compensation data

Automates the transfer of data and improves compliance with global withholding and reporting requirements

Integration with your current systems for collecting data

Enter and report on payment data in real-time using GDC’s “Quick Entry” experience.

GDC’s analytics dashboard provides a visual of potential issues and trends as well as basic scenario planning based on historic data.