2011 Global Equity Incentives Survey: The Rise of Performance-based Equity

The lingering impact of the financial downturn continues to affect companies' compensation programs. Our last Global Equity Incentives Survey, performed in 2009, revealed that companies expected compensation levels to remain flat or even decrease. The good news is that companies have a more positive view of compensation levels in the short term, while continuing to express optimism about the long term. The slow nature of the recovery, however, is causing companies to remain conservative. This conservatism, when combined with the unprecedented stakeholder scrutiny of executive pay over the last few years, has seen performance-based equity become the compensation vehicle of choice for companies.

PwC is pleased to announce the release of the "The Rise of Performance-based Equity" executive summary. This report provides key insights from the PwC 2011 Global Equity Incentives Survey, the seventh in the survey series.

Our survey is one of the most comprehensive studies available on the design and administration of equity incentive compensation plans for multinational companies.