PwC’s Family Office Services: Protecting and structuring your family wealth

For many families in business, greater control over family wealth has become an increasingly important priority. So it’s no surprise that more and more family businesses around the world are finding great benefit in using family offices

A family office is a professional platform dedicated to investing financial surplus generated by the family business, or through its sale. Regardless of the individual circumstances, the focus of a family office is clear — a platform accounting for, protecting, and managing your family’s wealth assets.

Here are a few ways a family office can benefit a family:

  • Protecting family wealth — by ensuring it is structured in compliance with relevant legislation and regulation requirements
  • Spreading investment risk — by diversifying family wealth
  • Improving family cohesion and generational transition — by enabling debate within the family about strategic asset allocation and key investment decisions
  • Clarifying governance over how the family stewards its wealth — by establishing proper processes to manage the assets
  • Managing the personal affairs of family members — making your lives easier

As with any aspect of your business, a family office must be carefully planned and professionally managed. When organised efficiently, its benefits far outweigh the costs — not only in financial terms, but also in terms of personal time and commitment required.

Creating a highly confidential and independent environment to steward family wealth

If the family wealth is of significance, it makes sense to consider establishing a single family office (SFO). An SFO allows the family to pursue its own customised wealth management approach and guarantees the highest degree of confidentiality. While legal and tax expertise, financial and possibly global custody services, would be outsourced, an SFO provides your family a lean platform for making major investment decisions.

If the family wealth to be invested is of lesser significance, a multi-family office (MFO) offers different families the opportunity to achieve independence as well as certain benefits of scale in managing wealth — including shared resources, due diligence, investment processes and fees. There are various types of multi-family offices in the market, from subsidiaries of financial services providers to independent offices.

Practical solutions: Control, quality and security

PwC is here to help you decide which platform — SFO or MFO — is right for you and assists you in setting it up. Should family circumstances change, we assist you in reorganising your family office as needed: We help you integrate single family offices, split multi-family offices or shift operations to other jurisdictions.

We provide a full array of business services to your single/multi-family office, including:

  • Support in the design and implementation of risk management and compliance systems
  • Tax and legal services
  • Advising on the most effective governance and risk assurance mechanisms to protect the assets
  • Helping in the development of an investment management platform
  • Consulting on the valuation of your assets, from real estate to private equity investments

A well-run family office can reinforce the special and powerful quality that makes families in business exceptional. Your family’s wealth deserves to be managed as professionally and successfully as you run your business.

We invite you to contact us to explore how we can help you protect and structure your family wealth.

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