Enterprise Resilience: Boosting your corporate immune system


Boosting your corporate
immune system

Businesses are under constant pressure. Leaders need to get a grip on managing resilience-related activities instead of blindly focusing on cutting costs and aggressively streamlining operations.

  • Resilience equals success
    The last decade has seen countless examples of businesses brought to their knees by a lack of foresight or poor crisis management. Many events have exposed the shortcomings of traditional risk management, putting resilience at the top of board agendas. Yet many organisations are still not making the connection between resilience and success.
  • Expertise is missing
    Many organisations are making lazy investments as a result of ill thought-through decisions. They lack the capabilities, tools and approaches needed to make their investment in resilience effective, and too few understand or measure the factors that contribute to their resilience long term. Are these gaps you need to fill?
  • Creating a resilience dashboard - helping you develop a joined-up approach to resilience.
  • Introducing effective measurement - continuous measurement and improvement are critical.
  • Helping you stay focused - knowing where you're strong, where you're vulnerable and helping you stay aligned with your strategic objectives.
  • Supporting you to embed resilience into your operating models.
  • Benchmarking your performance - we can diagnose strengths and weaknesses in reporting aimed at the board using our operational resilience benchmark service.
  • Providing deep, practical expertise across the functions that support resilience.
  • Stress testing in a safe environment - using the techniques we have developed to help organisations assess their resilience without any of the unwanted consequences of them being tested for real.

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