Building digital trust: Cyber security - confidence in your digital future

The digital age is bringing rapid change: new customer connections tighter supply chain integration, new sourcing models, new ways of exploiting bulk data, faster R&D processes, mobility, and much more.


Building digital trust

Cyber security – confidence in your digital future

  • Your digital world just got bigger
    Businesses now operate in an interconnected way. So securing data, transactions and operations means working beyond your own walls. Businesses depend on digital business processes. This amplifies the impact of cyber attaches on every area of your business.
  • It's not 'if' but 'when'
    Scarcely a day goes by without mention of a new cyber crime in the news. Businesses face a wide range of threats ranging from nation states and organised crime to 'hacktivists' and insiders. Would you know what to do if you are compromised? Are you prepared?
  • How do you survive and thrive?
    New technology can bring more efficiency but is fraught with risks. If your cyber security is inadequate, you won't have the confidence to take risks that allow you to get ahead of the competition. Cyber breaches damage reputations and destroy trust - both are vital ingredients for success in the digital age.

A four-stage process

  1. Assess - understanding your capabilities and maturity to help you prioritise your investment.
  2. Build - designing and delivering cyber security improvement programmes.
  3. Manage - managing and maintaining control of your business, enabling you to focus on strategic priorities.
  4. Respond - rapid, global access to leading cyber incident containment, investigation and crisis management expertise.

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Enterprise Resilience: Boosting your corporate immune system

Leaders need to integrate enterprise risk management with strategy, improve their risk profile, embed good corporate governance, implement stress testing and embed continuous monitoring instead of focusing on cutting costs and aggressively streamlining operations.

Transformation Confidence: Helping you to get closer to your transformation programme

Many leaders lack visibility of their business transformation programmes. Sponsors often feel removed from the detail of a change management programme and need help to feel closer, increasing their confidence and certainty of achieving the desired outcome

Culture and Behaviours : Creating Confidence in your biggest asset

Aligning your culture, behaviours and beliefs is the key to success. If there is a mismatch between the intended, espoused and actual behaviours, the consequences for your organisation can be serious.

Building digital trust: Cyber security - confidence in your digital future

Building digital trust: You need to be aware of your cyber security risks, be able to assess which cyber threats and possible cyber attacks could actually affect your business goals and have the agility to deal with new information security threats as they arise.

Regulatory Response – Redefining the value of regulation

Your regulatory response reflects the level of control you have in your business. Regulatory compliance can be turned from a requirement to a source of commercial advantage.

Third party trust : Who’s keeping your promises?

Promises are made between people, not organisations or contracts. Risk assessing contractual obligations, understanding sub-contractor risk and improving governance maturity will help to increase levels of third party trust.