Assurance today and tomorrow: Global survey of investors’ views 2012

Webcast featuring Deputy Global Assurance Leader, Richard Sexton

Find out the background to our survey of the investment community and some of their views on the future of audit and assurance.

Company audits are highly valued and have a major impact in influencing investment decisions, according to a PwC global survey of investment professionals. But there is a strong appetite for the audit to evolve so that it remains reliable, relevant and valued in the future.

The findings arise from an in-depth survey of the opinions of more than 100 investors and analysts from 11 capital markets around the world.

The questions probed their perceptions of today’s audits, along with their views of what can be done by auditors, management, audit committees and others to boost the value gained from audit and assurance.

To find out more about investment professionals’ views audit and assurance, download the PDF here.


Audit survey 2012: Assurance today and tomorrow

Audit and assurance: understanding investment professionals’ needs today and tomorrow