Meet the Experts conference 2014 - PwC

This year we had over 400 delegates attend another successful Meet the Experts conference 10 November at the Lancaster. London Hotel. Now in it's 16th year, and the biggest IFRS conference of its kind, with presentations from Sir Winfried Bischoff, James Chalmers and ISAB board members for CFO's, Finance directors and senior finance managers.

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Meet the Experts conference

Amongst others, this year's ‘Meet the Experts’ conference featured the following presenters:

  • Stephen Cooper, IASB Board member
  • Sir Winfried Bischoff, chairman of the Financial Reporting Council,
  • Steven Maijoor, chairman of the European Securities & Markets Authority
  • Paul Ebling, Chief Accountant, Prudential Regulation Authority

Issues on the agenda included:

  • Connecting investors and businesses
  • IASB - current technical agenda and challenges
  • Break-out sessions for financial institutions and non-financial institutions
  • Regulatory developments (ESMA and SEC)
  • Measuring performance and related issues: panel discussion

See below summaries of the key themes emerging from this year's speeches, debates and Q&As.

  • Short and to the point
    Speakers argued that clarity and conciseness are at the heart of good communication and relevant disclosure
  • Say what you mean
    Financial reporting could be greatly improved if preparers put themselves in users’ shoes
  • Taking the long view
    Are most investors short-termist? And if they are, why should a company share its long-term views with them?
  • Bringing up the new babies
    The conference gets to grips with the IASB’s new standards on revenue recognition and financial instruments, as well as the progress on standards for leases and insurance contracts
  • Are we ready for Rev Rec?
    IFRS 15 comes into effect in just two years, but there are worrying signs that many companies are ill-prepared.