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Helping businesses to implement integrated reporting

At the launch of a new Integrated Reporting guide, PwC’s IR policy lead Superna Khosla talks to World Watch

Seeing behind the numbers: a new approach to reporting risk and performance

Business leaders are reporting on a wider set of risk and performance indicators. Alan McGill talks about testing a model designed to build trust in the information released.

Integrated Reporting and the Strategic Report: a shared DNA

The difference between the Strategic Report and Integrated Reporting lies in the mindset of the reporter, but clear and relevant reporting is the shared goal.

Interview: Aegon’s award-winning approach to integrated reporting

Aegon were the winners of this year’s ‘Towards Integrated Reporting Award’. Their Sustainability Officer, Mike Mansfield, explains how they did it.

The ‘aha!’ moment, engaging employees, and the role of business in society: Mary O’Malley talks integrated reporting

Mary O’Malley, Vice President, Environment and Sustainability, talks about integrated reporting at one of the world’s largest financial institutions.