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    Hans Hoogervorst interview: “there is only one economic reality”

    The Chairman of the IASB shares his views on their new mission statement and what accounting in the public interest means to him.

    Helping businesses to implement integrated reporting

    At the launch of a new Integrated Reporting guide, PwC’s IR policy lead Superna Khosla talks to World Watch

    Seeing behind the numbers: a new approach to reporting risk and performance

    Business leaders are reporting on a wider set of risk and performance indicators. Alan McGill talks about testing a model designed to build trust in the information released.

    Feedback! Why sharing your views with standard-setters is really important

    Beth Paul, a strategic thought leader in accounting shares her views on why engaging with standard setters is essential for good standards.

    Look out…here comes trouble! Engaging with activist investors

    Activist shareholders are shifting in their seats and companies are running scared. Hilary Eastman on why and how boards can change the music.