Executive remuneration - still under scrutiny

Is your remuneration reporting raising questions?

Executive remuneration is one of the most sensitive and heavily scrutinised areas of corporate reporting. Yet many remuneration reports disclose no more than the law requires and do little to provide insight into what drives reward for your senior executives.

Are you struggling to meet investor demands for a clear explanation of how strategic aims are reflected in executive rewards? Or how underperformance will affect remuneration? Are you keen to communicate effectively on this hot topic that's under such close scrutiny?

PwC has collaborated with Radley Yeldar (a communications consultancy) and CIMA for several years, aiming to challenge conventional thinking on corporate reporting. Together, we have just issued this latest guidance on executive remuneration reporting.

What's in the new guidance?

  • Best practice remuneration report for a fictitious company (Generico)
  • How companies can make their disclosures more transparent and accessible to readers
  • Explaining key requirements under the regulations
  • Examples of what some leading companies have reported

Download Report leadership: Executive remuneration.

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