Shareholder friendly report

Let’s face it, your company's shareholders are probably some of your most important stakeholders – so it’s important that you communicate with them clearly and unambiguously. The problem is that existing reporting requirements often demand that you provide shareholders with disclosure and compliance information that is not all interesting — or relevant — to most retail shareholders.

So we decided to challenge the status quo and to encourage clear shareholder communication.  PwC Australia worked with the Australian Institute of Company Directors to develop something we call the Shareholder Friendly Report (SFR). The SFR focuses on the kind of information that retail shareholders need to make their investment decisions, ie, data that explains a company’s performance against its key strategies, as well as its future prospects.

It is a concise, easy-to-read report that provides a score card of past and future board and management performance. Although it's not designed to replace the Annual Report nor the Concise Report, it does provide an alternative framework that companies should consider as a medium for clearer communication with shareholders.

 Shareholder friendly report - download PDF