Integrated reporting – What’s driving it and what are the benefits?

To find out if integrated reporting is just a passing fad or a firm foundation that will build trust in business and the capital markets, we asked three people who have worked with many companies and investors world wide to share their insights.


Integrated reporting: Where are we and is it really an important issue for today?
Paul Druckman, CEO of the International Integrated Reporting Council, shares his views on what's driving integrated reporting, what's been achieved so far and what the biggest challenges are now.


Integrated reporting pilot: What's the evidence that integrated reporting will benefit companies, their investors and our capital markets?
Superna Khosla, Relationships Director at the IIRC, tells PwC partner Simon Friend that involvement in the IIRC's pilot programme is changing the behaviours and strategies of both companies and investors.


Are we heading for more integrated reporting? What signs are there in today's reporting? 
Jessica Fries, Integrated Reporting Leader at PwC, reveals key trends from a review of 150 leading companies globally and shares ideas for what management could focus on to bring most benefits to their business.