Integrated reporting: What does your reporting say about you?

Have you taken a cold, hard look at your reporting recently? This paper will help you stand back from the detail and take an objective and strategic look at your reporting to identify the key areas where investment of effort can deliver most value and competitive advantage to meet the need of your business, the board and external stakeholders.

Ask yourself...

External reporting Internal reporting
Are key components of what makes my business successful missing from our reporting? Is too much time spent producing the numbers, rather than gaining real insight?
Would I invest in my company based on what is presented externally? Is reporting flexible enough to respond to change?
Is the market value of my company a fair reflection of the business? Do we have the market insight and non-financial information needed to stay ahead or are you too dependent on historical, financial information?
Does the quality of our reporting make us more vulnerable than peers to a hostile takeover bid? Do we have transparent performence measures with clear accountability for them?
Does my company's reporting show clear alignment between strategy, remuneration and KPIs? Do we have a complete, and timely picture of what's going on in the business financially and operationally?

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Today, every management team needs to be able to put themselves in the shoes of a sceptical outsider, such as an investor, a new recruit, a customer or a supplier. If done well, integrated reporting can secure capital and credit, help win the war for talent, and build strong business relationships.