Corporate governance – simple, practical proposals for better reporting

The heightened focus on the corporate governance of public companies has increased the need for management to go beyond simple compliance, and communicate their governance effectively to stakeholders. However, governance codes and regulations offer few clues on ‘how’ to do this.

Corporate Governance: Simple, practical proposals for better reporting of corporate governance, includes ideas on how companies can:

  • Adopt a new reporting structure that integrates key governance information with the rest of business reporting.
  • Show graphically how you implement, measure and communicate sound governance principles, and the actions taken during the year.
  • Demonstrate compliance with relevant codes and legislation, by including a compliance tracker that shows explicitly how governance requirements have been addressed.

One of the last places investors go to understand how well a company is governed is its governance statement because it fails to tell them what they need to know. Corporate governance: Simple, practical proposals for better reporting of corporate governance, is designed to stimulate ideas rather than provide a one-size fits all solution to reporting. The aim is for better rather than more disclosure, and disclosure that is adapted to the circumstances of the company.

This guide is published by Report leadership, a multi-stakeholder group including PwC, CIMA and Radley Yeldar, which aims to challenge established thinking on corporate reporting.