Forensic services

    Managing risk, safeguarding reputation, protecting value

    Your reputation – with your customers and employees, the public, regulators and other companies – is what keeps you in business and underpins your success. But reputation can be lost with terrifying speed. Hackers steal your data. A competitor accuses your sales force of corruption.  A dispute with your business partner threatens to erode value. An accounting discrepancy undermines market confidence. The media discover related party transactions in a joint venture. The risks you face are unending and continue to change.

    You need to know the facts immediately. If there is a problem, you need to understand what happened, and start fixing it fast. Prevention is even better – knowing where your vulnerabilities are and managing the risks involved.  

    We’re your trusted advisor, your expert witness, your investigator, and your representative in mediation and arbitration. We will fight the threats to your brand and bottom line – anywhere and everywhere, at a moment’s notice.

    Andrew Gordon
    Global Forensic Services Leader
    Tel: +44(0)20 780 44187

    PwC’s Forensics and Disputes advisory services leads in the cross border investigations area

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