Fit for business – are you ready to deal with future eurozone shocks

To many people, it might appear that the ‘eurozone crisis’ has ended. It’s vanished from TV news bulletins and newspaper front pages – and the term is now rarely used by Prime Ministers or presidents. However, this doesn’t mean businesses can afford to drop their guard against renewed turmoil in the euro currency bloc. Beneath the apparently calm surface – the eurozone is still afflicted by many profound tensions, including a rumbling debt crisis, a renewed banking crisis potentially in the making, a crisis of divergent growth rates and severe problems with its labour market and global competitiveness.

A team led by Colin Brereton from REcCE (Response to the Economic Crisis in Europe) has combined with macro-economic, subject matter experts and industry experts to take a fresh approach to working with our clients to assess their readiness and better understand where their eurozone exposures lie.