Value chain transformation

Business restructuring is a complex process. For each business transformation, every facet of the organisation is involved, and the implications − operational, tax and legal − are wide in scope. Implementing an effective value chain management process that brings all these facets together is key.

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China-Switzerland FTA Recasts International Trade

27 Sep 2015

On July 6, 2013 China and Switzerland signed a landmark free trade agreement. The free trade agreement will not only strengthen the economic interdependence between China and Switzerland but also offers a variety of market access opportunities. Careful planning and thorough analysis can unlock the full potential of the China-Switzerland FTA bringing value chain transformation opportunities with sustainable impacts for your business. Learn more about the FTA, its scope and origin requirements and associated opportunities.

Industrial manufacturing: Mexico Maquila BEPS scrutiny: PwC

16 Sep 2013

In addition to measures proposed in the tax bill presented last September 8th the new head of the Large Taxpayer section of the SAT (Oscar Molina) announced that Mexican authorities have started taking specific actions on Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) under a pre-defined action plan, through including anti-avoidance measures in respect of maquila and other business restructurings.

Strategic Supply Chain Management: Global Business Strategy

20 Jun 2013

While the supply chain has become a critical asset for any company pursuing global growth, a more strategic approach is needed, as this innovative book explains.

Value chain transformation in the BRICS

14 Nov 2012

Learn how and why BRIC countries have made strides as manufacturing and services countries and are now developing into significant end markets for multinationals.